Factors to Consider When Selecting Helicopter Tours

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Factors to Consider When Selecting Helicopter Tours

8 July 2015
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Helicopter tours reward the tourist or explorer with a fantastic aerial view, thanks to their capacity to fly quite lower as opposed to airplanes and hover above points of interest such as forests, islands' cliffs, game reserves, volcanic shape, craters, and beaches among others.

Prior to taking a helicopter ride, tourists should spare some time and research available options. There are several points that tourists should look at to help them select the best expedition and enjoy it:

Opt for a safe choice

Although accidents are rare, there is always a possibility that they could happen. So how do you settle on a safe helicopter tour company? To begin with, select a helicopter tour that publicises that they are certified by the relevant civil aviation authority, which means that the tour company is subject to stringent air safety standards.

Additionally, you may consider checking out helicopter mishaps on sightseeing rides from the national transportation safety authority. While searching the accidents database, make sure to select the state in which you're interested in as well as helicopter as the type of aircraft. While analysing the report, avoid choosing helicopter tour companies with several safety incidents.

Inquire about the seating arrangement prior

Majority of helicopters meant for tour rides have a capacity of six passengers featuring a seating arrangement of two travellers in front and four in the back. This means that two passengers who will occupy the middle seats in the rear will have restricted view. Note that seating is often based on weight. This is because weight ought to be balanced inside the helicopter to enable it fly correctly and safely. Therefore, you might want to inquire where you will seat beforehand.

Some helicopter tours take only four passengers per trip, although they might be harder to find. In that case, all the passengers on board have an unrestricted window view. You may consider looking for such helicopter tours.

For avid photographers, opt for a doors-off helicopter tour. With the lack of doors, you won't have to grapple with reflections and distortions stemming from the windows. Further to that, the absence of doors allows you to take better photographs aerially. Once you have your seat belts on, you cannot fall out.

Shop online

Majority of helicopter tour companies offer a sizable discount for travellers who make their bookings online. Therefore, travellers should consider making their reservations via the tour company's website for the best possible helicopter tour prices.